This blog post delves into the key takeaways from Dr. Angus Cheong’s recent presentation on 7th Oct 2023 at St. Paul University in the Philippines. Dr. Angus Cheong, the visionary behind uMax Data Technology and DiVoMiner, centered his discussion on the seamless fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI), culminating in the emergence of Social Intelligence (SI). He examined how this fusion can lead to breakthroughs and enable us to accomplish feats that were once considered impossible. Moreover, he offered an extensive idea on how SI can help organizations to improve their decision-making effectiveness.

Social Intelligence (SI) refers to people’s ability to perceive, understand and explain their own cognition, social situations, other people’s behavior and social norms. It involves recognizing social cues, adapting to different social contexts, and being able to communicate and collaborate with others in a constructive manner.

The rise of AI and the widespread use of social media in business offer opportunities for SI to enhance understanding and interactions between enterprises, their customers, employees, and even competitors. SI facilitates the identification of all relevant stakeholders and the extraction of valuable insights from social media activity and any available touchpoints, to enable informed decision-making and action. However, achieving a robust SI for enterprises hinges on striking the right balance between AI and HI. Utilizing the right combination of HI and AI, it is possible to create systems that are more effective, efficient, and ethical.

Recent advancements in generative AI have transformed the working landscape in many aspects, allowing organizations to work faster and more efficiently than ever before. On 6th Oct 2023, a new study by researchers at Harvard, MIT, Wharton, BCG and Warwick Business School shows a 40% increase in the quality of results when using AI. However, there is rising concern about the hallucination and randomness in the output of generative AI (GenAI). Therefore, the conjunction with human insight and judgment for the best possible outcomes is the key in this regard.

If we learn how to collaborate with AI, realizing there are better ways of doing everything that we do today, it can lead to an inevitably promising future. Dr. Angus Cheong and his team worked over the last decade to develop a tool that embodies this vision of AI collaboration, offering a glimpse into the potential of what lies ahead. DiVoMiner is a cloud-based platform that integrates with advanced AI technologies to process big data – textual data, multi-modal data effectively using the classical content analysis method. In DiVoMiner, you can use your own data, knowledge, expertise, and experience to discover insights and unleash your creativity. You will be guided by its excellent processes and continue to improve your productivity and output quality unexpectedly.

In short, DiVoMiner is a scalable data hub, a tool for business intelligence, and a knowledge management system. The potential of DiVoMiner can be scaled up to be a decision-making insight dissemination mechanism, a social listening and social media moderation tool. All in all, DiVoMiner can be the architecture to construct a complete solution for organizations to enhance social intelligence and improve their decision-making effectiveness.

DiVoMiner also empowers its users by streamlining and automating content analysis and data mining, allowing them to focus on higher-level analysis and critical thinking. By harnessing AI’s capabilities, the platform enhances research efficiency and minimizes mundane tasks, leading to more impactful and insightful outcomes.

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Unleash your creativity, discover valuable insights, and significantly improve your decision-making effectiveness. DiVoMiner offers you the key to a promising future where AI and HI join forces to drive innovation and success.