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Design, conduct and present your research on DiVoMiner® platform. 

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Data Exploration

Data Exploration used to explore and visualize data with machine analysis methods such as network mining or algorithm models.

Inter-coder Reliability Test

Validate your coder quality in our automatic reliability testing system.

Statistical Analysis

“Descriptive Statistics”, “Chi-square Test Value”, “Correlation Analysis”, “Granger Causality” and “Regression Analysis”.

Quality Monitoring System

Monitor data and coding quality throughout the entire research process,  to ensure the high-quality of your research.

Data Visualization

Present your analysis results with a variety of visualization tools, for example, word cloud, radar chart, scatter graph, heat map and HSankey diagram.

Facilitate Your Teaching

Facilitate your teaching of the concept and procedures of content analysis, with step-by-step guide and rich tutorials.

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Learn how to do content analysis

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“ DiVoMiner® is my first choise for content analysis. Thank you DiVoMiner® for your technical support! ”

A teacher from Hong Kong Baptist  Univrsity

“The epidemic in the past two years made it impossible to distribute questionnaires on the spot. So I have to change my research questions and research methods, and  do content analysis online… DiVoMiner®  not only solved my problems, but more importantly, it helps college students and researchers to better engage in research and problem-solving. Academics is the leader in promoting social progress. DiVoMiner® is a great and groundbreaking product.”

A student on Zhihu

“Processing data in quantitative research is one of the key difficulties faced by many of our students. DiVoMiner® can solve our problems very well, and it is very helpful for the efficient output of research. The platform is a powerful research tool”

A teacher from School of Communiation, Shenzhen University

Easy to Learn

Easy to Teach

Design, conduct and present your research on DiVoMiner® platform. You can also learn how to do content analysis step-by step.

Teachers and professors can easily teach and demonstrate the method of content analysis, with examples and different scenarios.


Structured Workflow Design

The platform is degined with a streamlined workflow, easy for users to understand, to use, and to teach.

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DiVoMiner® design concept and operation process

DiVoMiner® design concept and operation process

DiVoMiner® is an AI-aided content analysis platform (ACA) for processing textual data with artificial intelligence and content analysis approach. Our platform features machine learning and manual refinement mechanism, to effectively process data in a one-stop fashion....

Comparison of research methods

Comparison of research methods

This article will analyze the similarities and differences between different research methods from multiple perspectives.

Highlighted Journal Articles Published Worldwide with DiVoMiner®

Highlighted Journal Articles Published Worldwide with DiVoMiner®

CSSCI:Zhao, X. (2021). Narrating the Chinese Story in International Communication Context: Sharing the Notion of Building a Shared Future for Mankind through Storytelling. Journalism & Communication, 1, 5-25. Core Journal: Shan, X., & Luo, Z. (2021). The...