(Photo credit: Annenberg School for Communication at University of Pennsylvania.)

Prof. Klaus Krippendorff is a giant in communication, semantics, design, cybernetics and other fields, shaping the content analysis research method and having a great influence in social sciences methodology. Our DiVoMiner platform was inspired by his work on content analysis.

Prof. Klaus Krippendorff was a fellow of the International Communication Association(ICA), and was elected the president from 1984-1985. A legendary communication scholar and philosopher-scientist, he has published over 100 journal articles and several books on communication, social science methodology, system theory, cybernetics, and design. His book on content analysis (now in its 4th edition) has been translated into multiple languages.

He passed away on October 10, 2022, at the age of 90. R.I.P. Professor Emeritus Klaus Krippendorff.