DiVoMiner® would like to extend our sincere congrats to Song Harris Ao, MAK Angela, and TSANG Lennon for their third SSCI publication titled “Revisiting Contingency Theory in Regenerative Social-Mediated Crisis: An Investigation of Maxim’s and Yoshinoya in Hong Kong’s Polarized Context.”

The coding feature of DiVoMiner® have been one of their main companion through out their journey of publication. 10% of the sample news stories, social media postings, and comments were chosen for pre-testing, and the study was manually coded online by two coders on DiVoMiner®’s platform. Additionally, to further guarantee the reliableness of the manually coded data, the research team employed the platform’s intercoder reliability test feature (Cohen’s Kappa reliability coefficient was adopted in this case).

Click here to view the highlights and abstract of this research: Revisiting contingency theory in regenerative social-mediated crisis: An investigation of Maxim’s and Yoshinoya in Hong Kong’s polarized context – ScienceDirect.