DiVoMiner is a cloud-based content analysis platform that allows users to extract meanings from their data with ease, achieving “Data in, Value out”, hence DiVo.

The links attached are the tutorials of the key functions of the platform in chronological order.

(1) To begin with, we introduce users by teaching them the basics of uploading and editing databases;

(2) Then, when data is present, watching the second video guide will enable users to sufficiently explore their data. Furthermore, video guides three to six provide information upon more specific functions. These functions include:

(3) Codebook;

(4) Inter-coder reliability test and coding;

(5) Quality monitoring;

(6) Statistical analysis and data visualization.

Video Guide 1

Data Management

Video Guide 2:

Data Exploration

Video Guide 3:


Video Guide 4:


Video Guide 5:

Quality Monitoring

Video Guide 6:

Statistical Analysis