DiVoMiner® platform allows you to perform common statistical methods on your data, such as “Descriptive Statistics”, “Chi-square Test Value”, “Correlation Analysis”, “Granger Causality” and “Regression Analysis”.

Descriptive statistical analysis is used to analyze the central characteristics (e.g. average value) and volatility characteristics (e.g. standard deviation value) of the data. The most recognized types of descriptive statistics are measures of center: the mean, median, and mode, which are used at almost all levels of math and statistics. And Relevance analysis is a statistical method used to evaluate the strength of the associations between two or more quantitative variables. It is used to describe whether the observed facts are related, the direction of the correlation, and the closeness of the correlation. For more introduction of the statistical methods, please refer to our DiVoMiner® User Manual at  https://support.divominer.com/en/docs/divominer-user-manual/statistical-analysis/relevance-analysis/  


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