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User Reviews

“ DiVoMiner® is my first choise for content analysis. Thank you DiVoMiner® for your technical support! ”

- A teacher from Hong Kong Baptist Univrsity

“The epidemic in the past two years made it impossible to distribute questionnaires on the spot. So I have to change my research questions and research methods, and  do content analysis online… DiVoMiner®  not only solved my problems, but more importantly, it helps college students and researchers to better engage in research and problem-solving. Academics is the leader in promoting social progress. DiVoMiner® is a great and groundbreaking product.”

- A student on Zhihu

“Processing data in quantitative research is one of the key difficulties faced by many of our students. DiVoMiner® can solve our problems very well, and it is very helpful for the efficient output of research. The platform is a powerful research tool”

- A teacher from School of Communiation, Shenzhen University

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DiVoMiner® Learning Edition and Research Edition?

A Learning Edition is designed for users for self-learning the operation and usage in the platform, which is provided free of charge. A Research Edition is for conducting a research project and minimal of charges are applied. 

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Where is the data from on DiVoMiner®?

Some users want to do research with data on the DiVoMiner® platform, so where is the data from? Two sources: (1) upload the data you have prepared (collected and organized by yourself, or documents from other databases); (2) you can also contact our customer service, and we will assist to connect relevant databases. 

What if the data storage is insufficient for my research project?

If you need to extend the usage period, to increase the number of administrator or coder accounts, or to expand the data storage capacity of your research project, click the shortcut key [Extend/Upgrade] in the Homepage.


What should I do if I set the wrong data field during upload?

The data field (e.g., text, numeric, date, etc.) of uploaded data cannot be modified directly, as the database has a memory of the upload record. It can only be modified for newly uploaded data. So if you need to modify many data field types, it is recommended to delete the entire database, then re-upload the data and rebuild the database.

What should I do if I don’t know how to set categories?

Generally, categories should be set according to your research purpose and research framework. DiVoMiner® provides a “Question Library” containing category questions in multiple sectors (e.g., media, branding, city positioning, tourism, crisis communications, etc.) for reference. Go to “Categorization”-“Question Library”.

Why can’t I add an administrator or coder?

The number of administrators and coders added is limited to the capacity of the version of your Project. If the number of administrators or coders of the current Project is full, you need to upgrade the Project.

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