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About DiVoMiner®

DiVoMiner is an Al-powered, cloud-based quantitative content analysis and data mining platform with innovative execution process.

By leveraging big data and LLM technologies, DiVoMiner empowers researchers and professionals to process large amount of multi-modal data with unprecedented speed and accuracy, along with a full suite of advanced research capabilities.

DiVoMiner is the one-stop solution for a broad spectrum of academic and professional needs. Ideal for professors, postgraduate students, marketing professionals, policy strategists, or analysts, DiVoMiner is designed to unlock a new level of efficiency.

How DiVoMiner® can help you



DiVoMiner is the unique & only platform serving both academic and any pragmatic needs of researchers, simplifying research process and improving efficiency.


DiVoMiner is a cloud-based platform for processing textual data by adopting big data technology and content analysis approach. The “AI + human refinement” mechanism enables vast amount of data processing very effective and efficient.


End-to-end seamless navigation with powerful collaboration tools. One platform, boundless possibilities.

Your Database

Innovative mechanism to handle both quantitative and qualitative data, through both manual and machine coding, statistical analysis, and algorithm modelling. Users can build up their database with own data.

No coding

No computer programming skills or knowledge is required. With the power of big data and LLM technologies, supported by cloud-based system, DiVoMiner enables its users to work on their research project anytime, from anywhere and with anyone.

Why use DiVoMiner®?

Easy to Learn

Easy to Teach

Design, conduct and present your research on DiVoMiner® platform. You can also learn how to do content analysis step-by-step.

Teachers and professors can easily teach and demonstrate the method of content analysis, with examples and different scenarios.


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Learn Content Analysis

Learn how to do content analysis

with our step-by-step tutorial

Our award-winning professors have designed the most easy-to-use content analysis guide for students and researchers

To help you get the most out of DiVoMiner,
we have curated a series of video tutorials to guide you through every step of your journey with us.

“DiVoMiner® is my first choice for content analysis. Thank you DiVoMiner® for your technical support! ”

A teacher from Hong Kong Baptist University

“The epidemic in the past two years made it impossible to distribute questionnaires on the spot. So I have to change my research questions and research methods, and  do content analysis online… DiVoMiner®  not only solved my problems, but more importantly, it helps college students and researchers to better engage in research and problem-solving. Academics is the leader in promoting social progress. DiVoMiner® is a great and groundbreaking product.”

A student on Zhihu

“Processing data in quantitative research is one of the key difficulties faced by many of our students. DiVoMiner® can solve our problems very well, and it is very helpful for the efficient output of research. The platform is a powerful research tool”

A teacher from School of Communication, Shenzhen University

Structured Workflow 

The platform is degined with a streamlined workflow, easy for users to understand, to use, and to teach.

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