Journal Articles


Health Communication

  • Gao, H., Zhao, Q., Ning, C., Guo, D., Wu, J., Li, L. (2022). Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Still Work That “Most of the Conrmed Cases Had Been Vaccinated”? A Content Analysis of Vaccine Effectiveness Discussion on Sina Weibo during the Outbreak of COVID-19 in Nanjing. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 19/241


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Crisis Communication

  • Mak, A. K. Y., & Song, A. (2021).Regenerative crisis, social media publics and Internet trolling: A cultural discourse approach. Public Relations Review, 47(4).


  • Mak, A. K. Y., & Song, A.. (2019). Revisiting social-mediated crisis communication model: The Lancome regenerative crisis after the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. Public Relations Review, 45(4), 10812.

International Communication

  • Zhao, X. (2021). Narrating the Chinese Story in International Communication Context: Sharing the Notion of Building a Shared Future for Mankind through Storytelling. Journalism & Communication, 1, 5-25.


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Management and Organizational Behavior (OBM)

  • Shan, X. & Luo. Z. (2021). The structural features and evolutionary logic of collaborative governance of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle: Social network analysis based on institutional collective action. Journal of Chongqing University (Social Science Edition). 02, 55-66.


  • Cao. W, Research on Public Service Based on Big Data: Content Analysis of the Reports of Public. Bicycle in the Four Places Across Straits. New Media and Society. 21(1), 239-263.

Public Opinion Research

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Academic Conferences:

  • Cheong, A., Cao, W.,& Liu Y. (2020). 關於疫情的文本研究:一個線上內容分析法的思考. The 5th Annual Meeting of China Public Relations Association and the 13th International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising. Lanzhou, October.


  • Zhao, Y., Liu, Y., Cao, W., Ru, Y.,& Cheong, A. (2019). Research on Brand Personality of Tourism Destinations in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Presented at the workshop at Guangzhou Centre for Innovative Commutation in International Cities, June 13, Guangzhou.


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